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Welcome to "PRISM - School"
 (Postgraduate International School of Men's Health)

Chairman's Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Postgraduate International School of Men’s Health, PRISM, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this seminar programmed and designed for urologists, endocrinologists and any other specialists focusing on male health care.


The last decades have seen a large increase in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases due to drastic changes in our lifestyle, leading to a disruption of our internal endocrine environment.


PRISM training courses facilitate an interdisciplinary look at the topics of male health, such as sexual dysfunction, prostate disorders and hormonal imbalances. Thus, PRISM focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment aspects for men. The PRISM continuing professional development program was designed to allow you to deeply discuss the challenges and opportunities in male health care and especially of male hormone deficiency. Networking during PRISM events with other disciplines and professionals is easy in order to share and develop best practices for your patients.


PRISM invites speakers from different countries and representing various backgrounds related to these fields, who will be responsible for addressing the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art aspects in these male health conditions, their management and treatment.


With this PRISM scientific programme, we hope to provide you with important information and knowledge allowing you to develop the highest standards of patient care in your practice.


We hope you join in our programmes and attend to regularly organised seminar & congress meetings.


Warm Regards,

Michael Zitzmann

Chairman of the PRISM Faculty

Events in 2023

PRISM Brugge 

Event Date: 10 + 11 November 2023

Location: Brugge, Belgium

Past Events in 2022

PRISM Brugge 

Event Date: 11 + 12 November 2022

Past Events in 2021

PRISM Brugge 

Event Date: 12 & 13 November 2021

ePRISM WEBINAR March, 2021 

Past Events in 2020


Event Date: 26 November, 2020

Past Events in 2019

4th PRISMICMH Congress in Budapest, Hungary

Event Date:  October, 2019

PRISM-November Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 15 & 16 November, 2019

Past Events in 2018

PRISM-November Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 16 & 17 November, 2018

3rd PRISMICMH Congress in Vienna, Austria

Event Date: 5 & 6 October, 2018

PRISM-June Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 8 & 9 June , 2018

Past Events in 2017

PRISM-November Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 10 & 11 November , 2017

PRISM - June 2017, Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 16 & 17 June, 2017

Past Events in 2016

PRISM-October Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 20 & 21 October , 2016   

PRISMICMH-2016 Annual Congress in Berlin, Germany

Event Date: 4 & 5 November, 2016

PRISM 2016 -December Seminar in Brugge, Belgium

Event Date: 2 & 3 December, 2016

Past Events in 2014 & 2015

Advisory Board meeting -Washington, DC, USA

PRISM -ICMH Congress - Czech Republic

PRISM Seminar - Sydney Australia

PRISM Seminar - China, Beijing

PRISM Seminar - Moscow, Russia

PRISM Seminar - Brugge, Belgium

PRISM Seminar, Singapore

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